An Overview of Our Living Options

At Country Oaks Assisted Living, we provide unique housing and lifestyle options specific to the needs of each individual. Each person has unique needs and preferences, so our adult care home tailors each program to each individual. Our residential care program balances independence with care and support. The level of care you receive is up to you, and we will assist you with every detail of your person-centered care.

What sets us apart from other residential care homes is the range of treatment we provide. Our dedicated staff are prepared to assist with toileting and bathing, while other residents may enjoy gardening and sports. Our person-centered care model caters to a variety of lifestyle options, including assisted living, independent living, and dementia support.


As our name suggests, Country Oaks Assisted Living Center offers quality and comfortable assisted living care. Our highly-trained staff are prepared to provide person-centered care whenever it is needed. We help seniors with whatever daily activities they may need. Here, our residents are treated with dignity and courtesy. Our residential care home assists with client needs such as feeding, grooming, and personal care.


Independence is a foremost goal at Country Oaks Assisted Living Center. We want our residents to thrive within our adult care home, each in their own way. Our independent living program offers a fun, social atmosphere to help clients continue living a fulfilling life. Within our senior home, residents develop bonds with staff and peers, and they can enjoy a rewarding social life. A home-like environment enables our clients to participate in routine activities such as cooking and gardening.


We understand the complexities of dementia, and we make every effort to ensure our adult care home is safe and supportive. Our level 1 senior care facility specializes in providing professional one-on-one attention in a home-like setting. At Country Oaks Assisted Living Facility, we openly welcome residents who need dementia care. Our experienced staff provide person-centered care with an impressive amount of patience and compassion.