Our Senior Living Family

The goal of Country Oaks is to make senior housing feel like home. Consistent with our goal, our residential community feels like a family for many of the members. Senior housing residents interact with one another frequently, if not constantly. From day one, our staff treat residents with the dignity and compassion they would offer their own loved ones. Each visitor is also warmly welcomed at our retirement community as part of our expanded family.

We know that families are strengthened by the time they spend together, especially in a senior living community. Each of our meals is served “family style,” which provides residents an opportunity to converse or silently enjoy each other’s company. The event coordinators at Country Oaks Assisted Living Center arrange for several group activities each week. Our recurring activities allow seniors to develop routines and traditions together, while our special events treat our residential community to special memories and bonding.


The active retirement community at Country Oaks provides ample opportunities for group and individual activities. We tailor each event to accommodate senior living patrons on every level of treatment we provide. Discover more about our exciting senior living activities.


Country Oaks Assisted Living Center insists that seniors’ quality of life is directly related to the quality of the food they eat. Rest assured, we will not disappoint. Our adult care home provides hearty, healthy, and delicious eats to delight even the pickiest eaters.


Future senior care residents can look forward to expert staff, numerous activities, a strong “family” community, and much, much more. Explore what makes our retirement community distinct from the others, and a more extensive list of available services, amenities, and housing options.