Find Independent Living Near You

A retirement center should offer comfort and fulfillment. We believe that independence is one of the best methods a retirement center can use to enhance quality of life for its residents. We are not your average nursing home. Country Oaks Assisted Living Center transcends the “old folks home” stereotype by implementing fun and excitement in our activities. Whether it’s at lunchtime or bingo night, our retirement community maintains an upbeat atmosphere.

Our retirement center adheres to the belief that life should be enjoyed, even celebrated. Our independent living program encourages our nursing home residents to engage in both new and familiar activities. Country Oaks Assisted Living Center coordinates weekly activities for residents with a wide range of physical abilities. Residents of our retirement community attend as many events as they wish, thus continuing to facilitate an active lifestyle.

A person’s ambitions and interests certainly do not end simply because they are retired. Many of the members of our community have not let retirement prevent them from pursuing the hobbies they have always enjoyed. A retirement center should augment quality of life for its residents. At Country Oaks Assisted Living Center, we pride ourselves on providing an active, engaging, and fulfilling program. Whether it’s outings, sports, arts, or other hobbies, we are continually discovering new ways to make life more enjoyable for our residents.

The Journey of Independent Living

Archaeological evidence suggests that humans have been caring for their elders for millennia. Senior care has a longstanding history, which dates back well into prehistoric times. Assisted living facilities, as we know them today, are a relatively new concept. Beginning in the 1980s, senior care centers began offering medical care for individuals with limited physical or cognitive abilities.

Today, retirement communities have become more upbeat and involved. While medication assistance plays a pivotal role in nursing homes, seniors and their loved ones have come to expect an enjoyable, overall satisfying residency. At Country Oaks Assisted Living Center, we structure our program to include an active lifestyle, filled with new social and developmental opportunities.