Prepared Each Day

We know that a happy life includes a happy belly. Our retirement center takes dining quite seriously. The result is a menu and dining experience that sets Country Oaks apart from other, less personal residential care homes. We prepare home cooked meals and check out some of our dining highlights.

Fresh Eats

At Country Oaks Assisted Living, we offer a healthy variety of fresh foods. Meals at our residential care home help maintain physical and emotional well-being by balancing nutrition with deliciousness. Each meal is prepared on-site by experienced team members. Whether it’s a new experience or a lifelong favorite, good food is an integral part of our retirement center lifestyle. We also cater to individual diet needs. 

Homestyle Dining Atmosphere

In other living centers, you will find staff and residents who yearn for and embrace tradition. At Country Oaks Assisted Living Center, our dining atmosphere is cozy and homey. We forgo the impersonal “cafeteria” experience. Instead, residents and their visitors enjoy a meal together in a more traditional lounge setting. We sit at the table and enjoy the company of others.

Person-Centered Service

Country Oaks Assisted Living Center puts the individual first in all aspects of care, including meals. Our retirement center makes it a point to offer a variety of entrees to tickle even the pickiest taste buds. On the other hand, if our retirement center citizens prefer sandwiches, we’ll make sandwiches just for them. “No” to potatoes? No problem. Our residential care home is here to serve the individual.

Excited Alternaties

Our assisted living center takes pride in a cozy, family-like atmosphere in all aspects, and dining is no exception. Still, we recognize that residents may need an occasional break from the “ We visit restaurants, visit ice cream shops, and hold birthday celebrations for our adult care residents. While nobody is required to join, most of our retirement community members get excited about a change of scenery.