Celebrating Our Seniors

Country Oaks is committed to providing person-centered care for all residents. We offer assisted living care for our residents who suffer from dementia. Highly-qualified staff work closely with clients in our level 1 senior living program. Country Oaks Assisted Living Center proudly protects your loved one’s safety while engaging in cognitive, physical, and social activities. This person-centered approach, tailored to each individual, has made Country Oaks a popular name in the field of dementia support.

Senior Living Family

At Country Oaks, our retirement center family includes everyone. Our dementia support program encourages such clients to engage and interact with our other residents. Our senior living staff continue to monitor the safety of residents who suffer from dementia, but we refrain from keeping our residents behind locked doors. Our dementia support patients, while monitored for safety, are invited to join the family for all activities, including off-site excursions.

Person-Centered Care

Our commitment to person-centered care extends to all our residents, including those who receive dementia support. Our adult care home offers standard dementia support (including safety and medication monitoring.) In addition to industry-standard practices, the staff at Country Oaks Assisted Living Center facilitate cognitive exercises to help slow the progression of dementia. We work with each individual on a case-by-case basis to ensure their dementia support program is both effective and enjoyable.