Find Assisted Living Near You

At Country Oaks Assisted Living, we understand the need for residents to live near loved ones. It is important that families live close enough to allow for frequent visits. We offer a beautiful residential care home in a convenient location. Based in Layton, Utah, we serve local areas such as Ogden, Kaysville, Salt Lake City, and Lehi. Our residential care home is within a 30 to 45 minute drive from many areas in Northern Utah such as Pleasant View, Murray, and Kearns.

Person Centered Care When You Need It

Every loved one deserves a person-centered care plan and enough staffing to facilitate it. Country Oaks aims to treat each assisted-living resident as an individual, remembering that each is a living being with a unique set of experiences and ambitions. Working closely with residents, families, and medical staff, the team at Country Oaks Assisted Living Center create custom care plans based on what is best for each client.

Residents at our assisted living facility may require assistance at any time of day. Our dependable residential care team makes sure our seniors’ needs are being met, even on nights and weekends. At Country Oaks Assisted Living Center, we also recognize that needs and preferences change over time. Our person-centered care model includes regular treatment updates to ensure you are getting the best and most comfortable care.

A Care Center You Can Call Home

Many seniors move into a residential care home after years or even decades at one location. For many, the transition to a retirement home can be lonely, frustrating, or even disorienting. Quality of life is important and we help with the new resident as tehy adjust to their retirement community.

The same is true for seniors who are moved from place to place as their needs increase. Country Oaks Assisted Living Center incorporates multiple levels of care within a single facility. Our facility is registered as a Level 1 Care Center with some flexibilities related to activities of daily living (ADLs) and the care plan. We want our retirement community members to have an experience that is as home-like as possible.