An Active Retirement Center

A retirement center is the perfect place to continue your hobbies and explore new interests. Our team coordinates and plan a variety of assisted living activities so that residents can have fun according to their individual interests. Our senior home hosts events such as karaoke, movie nights, yoga, golf, and other events.

Country Oaks also offers assisted living activities that cater to individuals who prefer to “stay home.” Volunteers and staff assist the retirement community with book readings, arts, crafts, games, and more. We’ve even been known to host a few dance parties. Truly, our adult care services offer something fun for every resident.

Giving back to the Community

We believe that each member of our retirement community has much to offer the world. Many of our seniors crave the opportunity to give. Since we believe in person-centered care, we incorporate community service into our activity schedule. The adult care program at Country Oaks includes many opportunities to offer service both to fellow residents and the outside community.

The events at Country Oaks Assisted Living Center are up-to-date on local area. Our senior care residents have gone to service projects such as gardening and intergenerational outreach. Inside the retirement center, residents often create crafts and art to give to loved ones, peers, or strangers. As a community, we can tie quilts that can be raffled to help the needy.


Country Oaks is a retirement community where fun and fulfillment come in all shapes and sizes. Residents of our senior home deserve to remain active at every level of care. Loss of mobility, for example, should not interfere with one’s social life within our senior home. Our retirement home family works to include each resident who wishes to participate.

We’ve modified our assisted living activities to accommodate most levels of fitness. Volunteers and retirement center staff assist with fingernail painting as needed. At our retirement community, dances include enough helpers to make the event wheelchair-friendly, and gardening can include potted plants.